Kareena Kapoor’s Airport Style

kareena kapoor's airport style

Kareena Kapoor’s Airport Style Have you seen Kareena Kapoor’s Airport Style? I mean if you can look so good while travelling – *sigh! Here are 5 times we absolutely loved Kareena Kapoor’s Airport Style. Let us know which one you love the most in the comments.  Love the khaki color. This look just oozes so […]

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Anushka Sharma Airport Style Guide!

We’re totally diggin this look! This look is super cool for a day out, college or travel. Here’s how to LLT! Ripped Denims //bit.ly/1IRSP69 White Tee //bit.ly/1hd7YCQ //bit.ly/1SvXmjb Denim Jacket //bit.ly/1N1Q3Jo //bit.ly/1N1Q541 //bit.ly/1IDE8BK White Sneakers //amzn.to/1JFs6bR //amzn.to/1IDEk3R Black Sling Bag //bit.ly/1N1Qmnp Image Courtesy- //businessofcinema.com/bollywood_hollywood_photos/airport-spotting-its-denim-day-for-anushka-sharma-and-sunil-shetty/221786/4            

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Kangana in denim-on-denim

This can never go out of style! Kangana’s airport style is super cool. Here’s how to LLT! Denim Shirt //bit.ly/1U2qX0W //bit.ly/1I55PzE //bit.ly/1D2y7OA Ankle length Skinnies //bit.ly/1MS7QT8 //bit.ly/1D2ymt9 //bit.ly/1Jq6nVa Oxfords //bit.ly/1Ku4l7T //bit.ly/1D6b2ug Sling //bit.ly/1h04fIA //bit.ly/1OLrXUt //bit.ly/1KtWWCR Image courtesy – highheelconfidential.com Vest //bit.ly/1h08DaI Jacket //bit.ly/1HVsbG5 //bit.ly/1HVsbG5      

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