VLCC Chandan Kesar Face Wash Review

VLCC Chandan & Kesar Face Wash
VLCC Chandan & Kesar face wash just launched in the market and I was so happy about being able to try it out, first hand.

I am slowly beginning to prefer products which contain natural ingredients, are free from parabens and show actual results. And guess what – the VLCC Chandan & Kesar Face Wash scores on all these points. So if you are looking for a new face wash, with natural ingredients and something that is super affordable, continue reading 🙂

Product Claims

VLCC Chandan Kesar Face Wash claims to even the skin tone and give a natural glow to the skin. Kesar is known for it’s anti-blemish and skin lightening properties, while Chandan keeps skin healthy, moisturized and gives a naturally radiant look.



The face wash is free from Parabens and Synthetic Colorants.

It also contains extracts from Marigold, Chamomile oil, Chandan and Chandan Oil and Kesar. Apart from this, it does contain preservatives and a cleanser base.

Color, Texture, Fragrance

The VLCC Chandan Kesar Face Wash has a bright color, pretty much like saffron. It is a translucent face wash, and is neither too runny or too solid. It has a strong scent of Kesar and Chandan.


The face wash comes in the translucent tube. It has a plastic cap, which is tight enough so the product doesn’t leak if you are travelling with it. All of the product details like ingredients, directions, expiry, price etc are mentioned on the tube itself. I honestly like this kind of minimal, fuss free tubes. They are really easy to store and carry around.

My Experience


From the first use itself, I had an excellent experience with the VLCC Chandan & Kesar Face Wash. This product didn’t irritate my sensitive skin in any way. In fact, it does an excellent job in cleaning the skin and also nourishing it. Some face washes tend to make skin feel a little dry, however this one doesn’t do anything like that. And personally, I love the scent of Kesar and Chandan together – it brings along a refreshed and rejuvenated feeling. So the lingering scent of the face wash totally works for me. Also, I was quite surprised that you need to use the tiniest amount and it yet cleans so well. So for me, that is an added advantage because I know the product will last me a longer time. All-in-all, I’ve quite enjoyed using the face wash.


  • Free from Parabens & Synthetic Colors
  • A lot of the active ingredients are natural extracts
  • Makes skin feel clean and moisturized
  • The Chandan & Kesar scent totally work for me
  • Very reasonably priced
  • You need to use the tiniest amount of product


  • The scent may not be appealing to everyone

Do I recommend the VLCC Chandan Kesar Face Wash?

VLCC Chandan Kesar Face Wash

YES! It does a brilliant job on making the skin appear clean, yet feel nourished. Also, it’s ingredients have suited my oily and sensitive skin so I think it should work on most skin types.





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