Wynn Salon and Spa Mahim – Review

Wynn Salon
I recently checked out Wynn Salon and Spa Mahim for an evening of pampering!

Wynn Salon and Spa Mahim offers a variety of grooming and spa services for both men and women.

I stepped in Wynn on a Sunday afternoon and signed up for a Head Massage, Manicure-Pedicure and a clean-up service. Since I was getting these things done at a parlour after ages, I was really looking forward to it.

Wynn Salon and Spa is quite spacious – they have designated spa rooms, a manicure-pedicure area, a hair wash area and a well lit haircut section. The salon is well spaced out; so it doesn’t feel too cramped up at any point.

Wynn Salon

My first service there was the head massage. They have different variants – one with coconut oil and one with a Moroccan oil. I chose the coconut oil one and the therapist Diana started the massage quite promptly. This head massage doesn’t feel like a traditional champi at all; in fact it is a very slow, relaxing massage and not as vigorous as the Indian head massage. After applying the oil generously all over the scalp, the therapist spent time in massaging in the oil with small circular motions. And after this she even massaged some key points around the face and forehead. This was followed by a good shoulder, neck and back massage. The entire process lasts about 30 minutes and feels nothing short of a refreshing spa treatment.

Head Massage

Price – Rs.850 + tax

Does not include steam or hair wash.

Wynn Salon


Wynn Salon


The next service for me was a Manicure-Pedicure. My therapist Sakshi was quite good with her work. I absolutely loved the way she filed my nails and scraped off all the dead skin during the pedicure. At no point were any of these services rushed. And of course, her massage was great. My only complain with the manicure pedicure is the nail polishes. It was some unknown brand and actually took forever to dry. And even after she used the quick drying oil, the nail polish looked patchy and eventually peeled off in a single layer after 2 days of the manicure.

Wynn Salon


Price – Rs.700 + tax


Price – Rs.800 + tax

Wynn Salon

I ended my spa session there with a clean up service for my face. A professional clean up doesn’t include too much of a facial massage however the Thalion Clean up at Wynn does include a small yet effective face massage routine. Thalion is a French Cosmetics company and this was the first time I was trying out these products on my skin. My therapist did a fair job with the service however I don’t think the products worked well for my skin. I noticed tiny bumps and irritated skin within 24 hours of the service. I do have sensitive skin and I was told that these products would suit me, but unfortunately they didn’t.

Thali White Clean Up

Price – Rs.2000 + tax

All in all, I would go back to Wynn Salon and Spa for their head massage services because that was the most satisfying service for me. For a manicure-pedicure I would go to other places since the nail polish part of it is quite important for me. And I would never come back here for any facial service at all.

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